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PRESENTATION: Cell-to-Cell Mismatch in Bifacial Modules

By June 20, 2019April 2nd, 2021No Comments

Cell-to-cell mismatch can reduce energy yield in bifacial PV modules. We worked with PV Lighthouse to apply ray tracing and SPICE modeling techniques that allowed us to quantify these losses. Highlighted findings include the following:

  • In sunny conditions, the relative power loss is the greatest during the middle of the day. In cloudy conditions, power loss does not vary by time of day.
  • Power losses are greater for modules at the edge of an array than modules in the center of an array.
  • Power losses are greater for one-portrait system configurations than for two-portrait configurations.
  • Higher ground albedos result in higher power losses from cell mismatch.

This study was first presented at the 2019 IEEE PVSC Conference in Chicago. Download the resources below to learn more.