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WHITE PAPER: Measurements Matter for IAM Characterization

By May 22, 2019April 2nd, 2021No Comments

Round Robin Study of Five Labs Reveals the Financial Risks of Selecting an Unsophisticated Lab for IAM Characterization

Incidence angle modifier (IAM) characterization of solar PV modules is technically challenging, but when experienced labs use proven measurement techniques, custom IAM profiles can increase certainty of energy yield forecasts and project valuations to help developers optimize solar power plant valuation.

For developers, the challenge lies in choosing a reliable partner to conduct the characterization. Itai Suez of EDP Renewables North America, Jeffrey Webber of Cypress Creek Renewables and Jenya Meydbray of PV Evolution Labs (PVEL) teamed up on a round robin study of IAM profiles developed by five different labs. The paper describes the challenges and potential impacts of good and bad IAM characterizations on a project’s financial performance.

The white paper reveals that three labs in the study produced very consistent profiles – and that two labs were significantly off-base. Read the co-authored white paper to learn more.