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WHITE PAPER: The Ultimate Safety Guide for Solar PV Connectors

By February 13, 2022No Comments

Hot connectors are dangerous for solar PV assets. Asset owners and O&M providers can prevent failure with our best practices. Find out how in PVEL’s white paper with HelioVolta.

Solar connectors are easily overlooked when PV systems operate as expected. But when they fail, they can cause fires that jeopardize safety and property. These incidents are more likely to occur as installed solar capacity grows and more connectors are deployed to the field, particularly in markets without a skilled solar workforce and in projects installed by new or temporary crews.

Here’s the good news: connector failures can be prevented with simple quality controls. PVEL teamed up with HelioVolta to explain how asset owners can take action.

Download the Ultimate Safety Guide for Solar PV Connectors to learn how to protect solar projects from catastrophic connector failure. Our in-depth primer includes practical, evidence-based best practices that can be utilized in projects of any size. Use the button below to download the guide.



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