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GUIDE: Safe and Compliant Solar+Storage Projects

By November 2, 2020May 31st, 2023No Comments

Learn how UL 9540A Testing Helps Solar+Storage Developers Meet Regulatory Requirements and Mitigate Risk

Solar+storage project developers are operating in a dynamic regulatory environment where basic requirements can vary with time and location, leading to project delays and increased costs. In the worst-case scenario, lack of adherence to compliance requirements increases the risk of incurring loss of property, injury, or loss of life.

Our how-to guide, co-authored by Michael Mills-Price of PVEL and Michael Bowes of Energy Storage Response Group (ESRG), gives project developers the information they need for safe, smooth and successful project execution. It outlines the safety issues at stake in energy storage projects, and explains how fire testing to UL 9540A standards helps project stakeholders address safety issues and meet expectations of the authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs).